The Little Introduction To Programming

A free online book that gently introduces the art of programming

Programming isn't something that you can learn in an hour. But you can begin to appreciate it.

This book will teach you the fundamentals of programming and act as a foundation for whatever your programming goals may be.

Rather than ignore complexities, we will face them head-on, in small steps, and unshroud the mysteries of computer language.

Ideal for...

  • Beginners and Students
  • Parents with children who program
  • Occasional coders (spreadsheets / reports)
  • Insomniacs
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More To Come

We hope to add at least a few more chapters in the near future. You can be notified via email by subscribing below. We promise to treat your email with respect. We won't disclose nor sell it or do anything other than email you about meaningful updates to the book.

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If You Need Help

If you run into any problems or something isn't clear, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the chapter.

For more generic questions about programming, consider using StackOverflow, a popular and free website where programmers ask and answer questions. Spending time on StackOverflow is actually a great way to learn more about programming.


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